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The very witching existence of Mary Katrantzou...

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American photo artist Gail Albert Halaban’s project “Out My Window”, which was showcased in New York and Paris previously, is going to be exhibited at ISTANBUL’74.

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Zeynep Dolanay questions curation as performance.

X, Y , Z. The generations of youth cultere.

When a Joan Miró painting turns into a clutch....

How a Georgia O'Keeffe painting turns into a chick top...

Zeynep Dolanay discusses. Part 1 of 4: Curating. Curation. Curationism. 

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"Some art speaks for itself. Whoosh. By a simple gaze, we are withdrawn from reality. For good." Zeynep Dolanay searches for the deeper meaning. 

"I think I could watch it all day." Read it on Zeynep Dolanay's article. 

Do you have an art temple? Sezer Arıcı does. What do you worship? Wanna know HIS?