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Your body turns to bronze, your lips turns to peach!

Category: Beauty

Hermès showcases the company’s entire library of perfumes and ancillaries in its new parfumerie. 

The combination of masculine and feminine style; Marlene Dietrich!

Take a look at this post before you prepeare your holiday bag! 

Category: Beauty

Let's go bowling! Or let's take a CHANCE !

The 23 year old trans model raised $63,325 for a Kickstarter documentary on her life, landed a role on Little Mermaid, made number 73 on the Dazed 100 list and now what?

Category: Beauty

Best summer combo. No make-up, just freckles and red lipstick. Here are our favorite reds.

We are feeling a major Holly Golightly moment right here, right now. Come inside!

This phrase, is to die for. And there are three ways to reach that goal.

Sometimes words are not enough. For cleaning the skin...