Les-Ottomans is a brand that is a homage to Turkey and to its people. Bertrando Di Renzo created the company by chance as a reflection of his love for the products he wanted to have in his and his friend’s houses. He is a lover of colors so the fabrics are the continuation of his being and what he mostly likes is that they can fit in every kind of home or interior design. Bertrando is always pleased to work with new people that bring fresh ideas to Les-Ottomans world.

So this time he is working with shoe designer Max Verre who has previously worked for Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent.

The soft velvet and silk shoes can be found in some of the best stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, Mercurio or online on Max Verre’s web site. The price Range is between 450-500 euro’s.